Pars Iratel story is as old as mobile telecommunication industry in Iran. Since 1991, Pars Iratel provided the market with end-to-end solutions.

Our History – GSM network expansion

Iran mobile communication history started In 1993, when Pars Iratel implemented the first ever 10,000 GSM network in exclusive partnership with Nokia. In 1996, Pars Iratel and Ericsson awarded by expansion of mobile network expansion of MCCI (mobile communication company of Iran). We provided the best network solutions for MCCI and later on complemented it by providing professional services into its solutions portfolio such as design, engineering, implementation and construction of two NSS expansion phases. However, 2005 was the epoch making year in Pars Iratel history when we have been qualified and awarded as the largest private and independent EPCM general contractor of MCCI. In a time space of 30 months, Pars Iratel implemented the biggest portion of MCCI 3rd BSS Expansion in 16 provinces for procurement and implementation of more than 2000 BTS and 25 BSC sites.

Our History – Devices Sales & Marketing

Along with the network expansion, subscribers need proper terminals to take the most out of this technology. Pars Iratel is the first and biggest who expanded its sales channel in wholesale and retail all over the country. By promoting Nokia, our market share alone reached to more than all other vendors combined. Our detailed studies of the market supported our marketing and sales by understanding the real taste of the consumers and enabled us to serve them according to their requirements. Our sales channel also provided the market with the highest availability of devices all around the country via a vast network of wholesalers and retailers who are supplied by Pars Iratel.

Our History- Operator business

Our successful telecom journey with the vast experience behind us has created a unique opportunity to look forward and fulfill our ambition to become a mobile network operator with new ideas, cutting edge technologies and value added services. Recognized as a EPCM General Contractor by the Government allows us to Bid for large scale National Governmental Projects as a 100% private entity. We bid for the prepaid operator, Taliya, and partnered with Zain for the 2nd GSM license and Bharti for the 3G operator license as the only private company.

Our History – Devices After Sales Services

Perhaps the most important reason for our success story in handset market is our world class after sales services. Our after sales services network is designed to be available in each and every city and provide a hassle-free customer care experience on everything sold through Pars Iratel channel. This well-designed and efficient network awarded us with a high rate of customer retention as well as a uniquely valued brand name in the Iranian market.