Pars Iratel is the largest private and independent devices distributor and solution provider in Iranian telecom industry. Pars Iratel, initially known as Iranokia, was established in 1991 and represented Nokia as an exclusive partner on handset and network infrastructure in the Iranian market. By virtue of its highly dedicated and focused management, Pars Iratel has enjoyed a successful organic growth in two main areas of handset distribution and providing services and solutions to Mobile Telecom industry. Pars Iratel with its headquarter in Tehran and with more than 200 professional staff, operates through provincial offices to best serve the mobile network operators and its handset sales channel which includes over 500 retailers and wholesalers. Pars Iratel with its solid financial resources, flexibility and highly experienced and motivated management track record is uniquely positioned at the forefront of consumer products market; i.e. handset, accessories and tablets distribution. Pars Iratel’s success story and vast experiences in infrastructure solution provider made Pars Iratel an enviable leading player in telecommunication industry.